Vaccinations for cats

There is an opinion that preventive vaccinations for  cats can be dispensed with if the animal does not leave the apartment. However, this is an effective, and in some cases the only way to protect your pet from dangerous diseases. What vaccines will help against the most common ailments, at what age do kittens get their first vaccination and why it is important to follow the rules and vaccination schedule - in the RIA Novosti material.
Vaccinations for cats
"Vaccination of a cat, like any other animal, is a safe acquaintance of the body with a pathogen (causative agent, virus or bacterium). Thanks to this preventive procedure, the risk of developing and severe course of an infectious disease is reduced," explains Boris Mats, expert of the pet-friendly community Khvost News, veterinarian at the Sputnik clinic. The doctor notes that if a vaccinated cat encounters a pathogen, then with a high degree of probability it will not get sick. And if that happens, she will be much less likely to die or get serious complications.
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